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Mon, Sep 12, 2016 5:03 AM

Internet connection

Does Direct TV offer Internet services for wifi connection?
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4 years ago

QUESTION: I have one cable box installed n just purchased a 65" smart tv w/ wifi installed in it. Do I still need to have an home Internet connection in order to use wifi to its full capability on my new television ?



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4 years ago

Sigh.. Wiureless connections come in several flavors, and can be confusing...

First off, all wi-fi means is, you can connect two devices together, and don't have to run a wire to connect them.

Having an internet connection, or lack thereof has no direct bearing on wi-fi.

ATt, and by extention, DirecTv, provide hard line internet services, thru typically a phone wire.

What they do NOT do, is provide wi-fi based inbternet.

The gateway modem they privide, often has a router with wi-fi capability in one device.

Handy, but still, seperate functions.

DirecTv set top boxes can be configured to operate with a wi-fi connection.

In and of itself, all they can do is receive staalitte signal, no internet capabilities whatsoever.

Used to be, you had to have a phone connection to properlly set up and use d-rv set boxes.

And as far as i know, you still can. Time moves on, and things change, so you can do more.

There is programming you can get now, that are streamed over internet.

The set top box (stb) can show them, but needs an internet connection to get the stream.

You have to already have an internet connection for that to work.

The stb can be connected by wire (ether net cable) OR by wi-fi. (Or even both.)

The appliances you described connect to your existing wi-fi, if you have one. But are seperate from your internet connections in and of themselves.

D-TV does not do internet, period. it is ONLY a satalitte service.

It is however, part of ATT, which DOES offer internet service, IF you live in one of their markets, otherwise, you have to go with antoher internet service privider.

We-fi is a radio signal that is produced and supported by a router pluged into a modem that hooks up to an internet connection.

Many devices these days are wi-fi enabled, meaning they can use the genrated wi-fi signal. They do NOT however, produce it, and definatly do not control it.


Just for giggles and grins, there are devices and controlers that work wirelessly, which, for whatever reason, are also called wi-fi. (erroeniously, but whatever.) One has nothing to do with the other.


Hope this post helps clear out some consution, and bear light on some common terms.,

Good luck.

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