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Fri, Feb 15, 2019 5:22 PM

How to initiate an Executive Escalation for DirecTV?

On 3-JAN-19 I contacted DirecTV on behalf of my mother in law. She has been a DirecTV customer under a 2-year contact. However, she has contracted pancreatic cancer and was admitted to hospice. When I initially contacted DirecTV on 3-JAN-19 and explained the situation, I was told that her bill would be prorated to that date, and the early termination fee would be waived. Because auto-pay was setup she would be receiving a check for the remaining balance of the amount that had been already charged to her credit card. I assume that for quality purposes, that interaction between the ATT rep and me should have been recorded, so there would be proof that this is what I was assured. I took contemporaneous notes at the time and reiterated the amount due, amount to be credited and confirmed that the early termination fee was to be waived back to the agent......However, we then received a bill showing the early termination fee was not waived. I have called several times since and literally spent HOURS being transferred from person to person (having to explain the entire story from the beginning)..I've been transferred to a supervisor who said she'd call me back in 30 minutes and never did, resulting in me having to call yet again and get transferred to several reps and explain all over again. I called last Monday 11-FEB-19 and spent >90 minutes being transferred around only to find ATT billing system was down during the middle of a business day, so no one could ultimately assist me.

I called again today..I was transferred around again from rep to rep, was put on hold for ~30 minutes waiting for a supervisor who never came onto the line...I hung-up and called back, was transferred a couple times and spoke to a billing rep who told me there was no 'documented' proof I was initially told the early termination feed would be waived on 3-JAN-19. I am asking that the audio recording from my interaction be retrieved to confirm what I am saying is true...I am also looking to determine how I can initiate an Executive Escalation to Mr. Randall Stephenson's office. I attempt to call ATT corporate offices and cannot find a way to get directed to his office. 


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a year ago

Hi @flair_2019


Thank you for reaching out to us! We're sorry to see that you've had so much trouble getting your Mother-in-law's account sorted out. Let us help. We'll be sending you a Private Message to gather more details and start working toward a resolution. Be sure to check your Inbox for the message!


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a year ago


I am writing to you with concern to the sub par customer service I have received since moving my account on 1/20/19. This is a long story that I must go back about two years so everything makes since. 
When I originally (8 years ago) had my services installed I had a 3 room set up but i only used 2 up until the time I moved in 1/20/19.
In 2017 one of my mini genie's malfunctioned and I took the 3rd one out that was never in use and plugged it in. I already had a service call in and when the technician came out he seen that everything was working correctly now he took the defective mini genie with him and left.  So I been paying for a 3rd receiver that your technician took for almost 2 years. ( that is not even the issue for me thought.)
Fast Forward to 1/20/19 I schedule to have my service moved and have my services upgraded to the regular DVR receiver and 2 wireless mini genies. They come out they install them I try to give the tech the one mini wired genie I have but he refuses to take it saying it was customer owned. 
About 2 weeks later we decide to have the rest of the house hooked up to make it a total of 1 standard DVR and 3 wireless, and 1 wired mini genie (the one I already had.)  Call it rep say no problem we can do the two wireless at no charge (and I have the email to back this statement up.) The tech comes out the following Friday to do the install and the order is wrote incorrectly and they were trying to charge me.  I spent over a hour on the phone with customer service that day. Where it was explained to the rep that I know longer had the wire genie that was taken by the tech in 2017. At that time the CS agent did a search and found that the device was returned by the tech (but I still continued to get charged for it.) They said the only way they could do the work order at no charge was to do a "work around" and mark one of the wired receivers as defective, and they would send me a new wireless genie at no charge through the mail. So I go with that. 
I call in on the Thursday before my Friday appointment because I never received the genie in the mail.  I confirm with the CS rep that it would be tech delivered and everything is being done at no charge.
Now its Friday and a very nice technician name Donato comes out.Of course the work order is not correct. Donato and I get on the phone with customer service again. Donato tells me to have them do a "relocate" on the wired receiver and that he has a mini genie on his truck that he will install for me.  I spend another 30 minutes on the phone where the end resolution is to relocate the wired genie, and that I couldn't take the genie off the truck Donato had, they had to send it out to me in order to receive it at no charge. 
So at this point I was waiting on a wireless mini genie to come in the mail.  No additional charges were told to me that day. At that point I was willing to look the 3 trip process and about 5 hours I spent on the phone with you trying to get everything correct.
Now I get my bill in the mail and its $688.00, why?  Now I have to try to figure this out and I am back on the phone with customer service.  In the last two weeks I have spent countless hours on the phone my account was sent to the escalation team and still no resolve.  I called last night on 3/4/19 where I was on hold for a total of 1 hour and 25 minutes where your customer service reps kept promising me a supervisor and looping me back into the call que instead of getting a supervisor. I finally gave up last night and called this morning on my way to work. Where I spent about 45 minutes on hold and still have no resolution.  I do not want to lose my service I love my directv, but there is no way I am going to pay this amount. I agreed to a one time fee of $99.00 to move my service that is all. My bill should be around $350.00.  This is ridiculous that I have to go this far and spend this amount of time to get this resolved. 
I am asking for immediate assistance as my services are due to be cuttoff on the 8th.

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a month ago

I have been dealing with a Direct TV issue for 8 months. I need to speak to a Direct TV Manager who is located in the United States. I have tried the off shore route for the past 8 months and am tired of the game. Please have a Manager contact me.


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They will not call you. You call them as customer support is inbound only.

You cannot request anything specific of agent (location, country of origin, cultural background, gender, etc.). You get the next available agent. If multiple front-line agents are not able to help then you can try speaking to a retention specialist (say "cancel" at the voice prompt).

The other option is discussing with other customers, some of which are very experienced (including the occasional person with the "employee" tag posting on their personal time). Just start your own thread (to avoid getting lost in someone else's thread) and post the details of the situation.

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