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Mon, Mar 5, 2018 8:09 PM

How do you file a complaint against direct tv for unresolved issues regarding my bill

Hello I am very dissatisfied with the service recieved from agents and supervisors with direct TV. The agents and supervisors have given me several different reasons for my having received a Ballon bill in February 2018. They initially told me that I was being charged for equipment that wasnt returned. I actually dropped that equipment off at the FedEx location that was given to me by direct TV. I also took it a step further and call the same day and gave an agent the tracking number. After this was verified I am now being told that I was charged for equipment and installatiin for new genie minis. I recieved a free offer in the mail and before I took advantage of that offer I asked the operator several times to verify that everything was free.... equipment, installation, etc. The agent verified that it was all free. Now I'm being told that I am being charged for it. Not only is this unfair to me. But to add insult to injury agents and supervisors that I have spoken to have been uncaring, rude, confused, supplied varying reasons for charges, and have lied to me on several occasions. I have spoken to about 10-15 operators and 2 supervisors. Each one telling me they were going to escalate the issue find some resolution and call me back. I've not recieved one call back. Each time I call I am connected to someone that provides the same lackluster service as the agents before them. I have been with direct TV for atleast 15 years maybe even longer. I have been disrespected and disillusioned by my treatment regarding this issue and I can't believe that I have paid so much money to direct TV and have gotten so little respect and no resolution. 


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4 months ago

I just filed a complaint against then on the Better Business Bureau website. This is SERIOUSLY the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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a month ago

I have the same sort of issue

I was told by Direct TV loyalty Supervisor to go the the ATT DTV website and share my very horrible experience and someone would reach out to me from the "Back Offices".  I am very very upset and have been a customer since 1995 - But I assure you I may not be for much longer - I am so upset!!!!  Initially, my service was terminated accidentally by DTV in July 2020.  When I discovered it I contacted DTV only to find out that I was not able to get the packaging or discounts that were on my account(within the same day). I was not in a contract but in order to get my service back on, I was mandated to enter into one.  They reinstated my account and placed discounts on my account to get the billing and programming in line with what I had.  Long story short after several days and many, many, more calls my service was restored.  As a result on 8/26/20 when I finally got it all straightened out  I was promised several discounts.  I was informed that for all of my inconvenience my bill going forward would be 23.97 for 12 months.  The bill has never correct.  I've had to call each month to get the bill to the correct amount.  Each month I was assured that I would not have to call back in the future. However, each month I did have to call back in and every time explain the entire situation and usually get transferred once or several times. Until 1my call on 11/11/20.   I was assisted and transferred to a Supervisor and assured that going forward the billing would be correct there would be no need to call in she was correcting the errors.  Apparently the continuing discounts were never fully applied to the account.  Fast forward to 12/1 After speaking to Rafael who said a supervisor would contact me within 24-48 hrs. That never happened so I called again on 12/7 I was told that the billing amount I was quoted is impossible to achieve.??? He offered that I would have to change my services (remove programming). SO I DID. But honestly why ??? I know that all of the conversations are recorded.  I am not sure why this can not get resolved and the billing adjusted as stated by DTV customer service.   I am not sure how this can happen- I am very upset and actually that doesn't even touch the surface of how I am feeling - How does the customer end up suffering for DTV mistake??? 


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a month ago

Sorry but not all conversations are recorded. They are monitored randomly for quality and training purposes. So there is no guarantee there is a recording of that call, and they don't use it for record purposes anyway.

You don't need to accept a promotion just to turn the account back on. You can reinstate service without a special. So yes there was an agent who quoted wrong.

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