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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 1:34 PM

Disappointing service

I have been in contact with DIrecttv and when I originally placed my order I was supposed to get a 200.00 reward card for switching from DISH when I went to place the order they told me there was a hold on my credit and I needed to contact credit company's. I contacted them and they said there was not a hold. So I proceeded to order services online.

I received an email the next day stating my order was processing and that the UVERSE internet was complete but I needed to call about DIrecttv. I called and they stated they had no record of my order. At this time the representative placed another order for services via phone and I was supposed to get the 200.00 reward card as well as a wireless mini genie. The tech came out without the wireless genie and said my order did not have it or the reward card info on it.

I called DIrecttv right then and they said they would process the 200.00 reward card right away due to our troubles. I received a call the next day stating because the reward card wasn't part of the original order they could not process it. I called again today 11/5/2015 and spoke with DIrecttv customer service and they called the office of the president and I was told that ATT would be the ones issuing the 200.00 reward card since it was their order. We tried to call the reward department but we're on hold for almost 45 minutes before I got disconnected. I am just requesting that the 200.00 card for bundling att and DIrecttv be honored due to your service persons mistakes.

William [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]
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