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Tue, Nov 10, 2015 10:54 PM

DirecTV/AT&T merger a NIGHTMARE!!!

  • This merger is an absolute nightmare!Smiley Frustrated

 First of all, am I PAYING for DirecTV HDNET or is it a FREE PREMIUM?  If it's a charge, how much is it costing me monthly?


Secondly, combined billing is another nightmare!  Neither company knows for what I'm

paying, which services I'm supposed to be credited for, and to whom I should be speaking!


What kind of Customer Service is that?  I never had a problem with DirecTV until the merger - they were THE BEST!!!  Now I remember why we left AT&T years ago when they so blatantly SCREWED UP our cellular service and billing to the point that we SWORE we'd NEVER go back to them!!!  Now look what DirecTV did - gave us satellite AND AT&T.  WHAT A GIFT!!!


Can anyone please help decipher what WAS an easy, readable bill prior to AT&T's entrance to a combined billing fiasco without prior training of their employees?


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5 years ago

By HDNet do you mean the channel 566? It's part of the HD Extra Pack which is usually $4.99 a month, but you may be receiving a free trial for 3 months or so, you might want to check on that.


What line items are you seeing on your bill that you're not sure about? You can also try sending a private message to the ATTCustomerCare team by clicking this link: ATTCustomerCare. Describe your situation/questions and leave contact information. They may not respond right away.

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