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Mon, Sep 19, 2016 4:08 AM

Direct TV not honoring contract with me.

when i activated my 2 year contract i wa told that i would recieve a $200.00 visa cash card in the mail in about four weeks. when about 5 weeks passed i contacted customer service and was told it was a mix up and they would "EXPEDITE" my information to rewards department. that some one would contact me within 24hrs. well no one ever did so i called back and got the exact same result as the first time. well, im very patient so i gave them plenty of time, but, no, not even a peep from anyone. now after about another month of waiting i called again. and guess what? YEP! exact same scriot read answer as before. you see i dont believe Direct TV really has any other departments other than a call center with prescripted answers to run you through the process of filing complaints, and thinking that after awhile we will just give up!  LISTEN PEOPLE, WE DESERVE ANSWERS. TOO MANY COMPANIES ARE HIDING BEHIND CALL CENTERS AND STIFFING CUSTOMERS ON THEIR PROMISES. read these forums, all full of complaints about Direct TV, and the service controlling tactucs they use. I pretty much figure they will never give me what they promised by what they have shown me so far. BUT I WILL NOT LAY DOWN AND TAKE IT, I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE AS MANY PEOPLE AS I COME INTO CONTACT WITH HEAR MY STORY, AND I WILL ALSO MENTION ALL THE COMPLAINTS OF THESE FORUMS , PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER SO THESE PRACTICES WILL STOP. THANKS DIRECT TV FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING TO STAND UP FOR. PEACE OUT!!!




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a year ago

AT&T:  My concern is an employee by the name of "Crystal" on the Directv customer service. I have dealt with other employees without problems. Surprisingly, I have spoken with Crystal twice; rarely if never does one get the same person but I did. Back in Sept 2019, I told Crystal that my Directv bill more than doubled. She said I could save  a few dollars (I think it came to $7) but getting rid of multiple channels (I think it was 18-20). I thought this was a joke. Yesterday, I called and I think she remembered me. We decided to disconnect our service and I would gladly pay the $160 early disconnection fee. We decided to disconnect Nov 01, 2019 (better than paying $1,500 per yr for something Youtube-TV live charges $50/mo) as I had paid up to Nov 4th.  She promised to send me an email confirming our agreement.  NO EMAIL EVER SHOWED UP!  As a professional, I never burn bridges because in many cases, my clients return after a year.  I do not know what AT&T is teaching it's Directv salespersons, but burning bridges is not the answer.

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