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Sat, Jul 4, 2020 2:30 PM

billing credits

To all employees of AT&T regarding DIRECTV service and credit. Please forward to someone that can help with requests.

Account #: (Edited to remove personal information)

Account charged in March for MLB package 30.50

Telephoned and asked for credit (of course no MLB, why did you bill?) I was assured a credit would be made.

Account charged in April for MLB package 30.50, and no credit of previous months error/poor judgement

Telephoned again, was assured a credit would be issued plus another $65.00 just for being a good customer. (Fourteen year customer)

No credits on account

Telephoned May 4and canceled service, received email of $65.00 credit.

May received confirmation of cancelation and this is part of message.

You can always pay your current outstanding balance online when you sign in to your account. If you have a credit balance, you'll receive a refund check within 6 weeks.

May 9 received billing statement with 65.00 credit balance. I wonder where my MLB credit went?

Telephoned, I was frustrated and asked for copy of billing statements for several years, was told just the last couple would be mailed. Did not receive one via mail or email. Would also receive a 65.00 mastercard, a check or credit to my credit card would not be issued.

May 10 received billing statement with 65.00 credit balance.

May 30 received billing statement with 65.00 credit balance.

June 30 received billing statement with 0 balance. I wonder where my 65.00 went and it has been eight weeks. Still frustrated however did not telephone.

July 3 Eureka! Master card arrived, opened to see how much it will cost me, $3.00 to use and by the way it had a card balance of 61.00. Along with waiting since March (Remember the first $30.50) it was short $4.00. Come on, how much is the guy being paid to figure how your company can get another 4.00 from me?

I have two requests.

1.       I was informed of 126.00 of credits, I have received 61.00, I would like 65.00 check or credit to my discover account or another mastercard that will cost me 3.00 to use.

2.       An apology with explanation of why I must work so hard to receive credit for services not rendered.

What I will continue to do:

Continue contacting employees, AT&T’s budget minded non customer service corporation will end up spending more than 65.00 and 4.00 in time and material due to this frustrated past 14 year customer.

It is time I start billing for my time spent. Each week my request is not answered or fulfilled; I will request more.

After this letter, I went to website as instructed on mastercard, WOW before I can use MY money I must agree to advertising and marketing terms.





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6 months ago

This is a customer customer forum not directv they won’t see your post. You need to call them 

While AT&T employees do look at forum posts from time to time, we are here to represent the forum with our experiences as customers and do not represent AT&T in any official capacity with our responses and do so on our own time unpaid and off the clock. As employees we are not rewarded nor compensated to participate in these forums This forum is comprised of regular customers to communicate with other customers to offer advice and share experiences same as any other user Although there is a small team of customer care specialists that monitor the forums the sheer volume of posts are simply too many posts for these agents to respond to each one of them.
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6 months ago



Initially there were no credit/refunds as MLB was only expecting a delay in the season. After it went so long, then DirecTV started reversing the installment charges to restart them later when MLB had updated a new start date. The timeline listed was up to 2 bill cycles for the reversal to occur.


If they did not reverse within 2 bill cycles (credit on bill, not a refund), then you will need to call DirecTV to discuss your account. This is a public forum of other customers, so any requests you make here go unheard.


Since whatever agent you speak to would not be the cause of your issue, only doing what they can to fix it, an apology from them means nothing. Personally I just want agents to work on the account, not apologize for things that are not their fault.


You cannot bill for your time spent dealing with customer support. That is not how it works in the real world. And remember, do to the Covid-19 stay at home orders they had to close many call center temporarily. So they are very short staffed, resulting in long hold times. So call and they help you in turn. No matter how long it takes they don't pay you for your time. They are to resolve the issue, nothing more.

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