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Tue, Jan 28, 2020 3:48 AM

ATT Has no Loyalty

I have been a ATT Customer for over 20 years. And pay over $1000 per month in TV, internet, and Wireless. Recently, they have been over charging my bill for the internet for several months. So I called, and they said nothing they can do? I was to pay $70 a month, when I Started, but been charged $80 per month for at least 6 months. So they cannot even rectify $10 over charge? Then my DirecTV bill went up $100 more per month. They offered a $40 credit to keep me. Haha. $40 on a middle plan I am on. I was getting charged almost $300 for the middle plan, and the top Premier Plan is going for $130??? So with the Internet and TV, it was almost $400. I only asked to come closer to $200. I was not expecting to match New Customer Price, but at least a customer that has spent over $250K with ATT. So I decided to end my account. And then will later submit a paper online, to share my experience. I think, they could have done a lot better!!!



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a month ago

No DirecTV plan is $300. I would look at the itemization of your bill to see exactly what the charge is. The package charge itself only goes over $100 if you have Xtra, Ultimate, or Premier (before taxes, TV fees, and receiver services of course). If you have a DirecTV plan that says "All Included" that includes the 1st TV fee and receiver services ($7 and $15 per new DirecTV accounts when those versions launched) as part of the price, which makes them look a little higher.

You may think they could have done better, but the reality is that DirecTV was losing money on customers who were on too high discounts for too long. So the CEO within the last year or so made it public that they were going to reel in discounts to weed out accounts operating at a loss. Satellite TV is not a cheap service, especially as the networks keep increasing their costs, so the packages must be charged accordingly. Though even with counting all 3 services (TV, internet, phone), $1,000 a month is quite high if for a residential account and not commercial/business.

Bill going up $100 seems unlikely that was just from DirecTV as monthly discounts should never have hit that amount. You say the "middle" plan, but there are several packages that people consider that level. From lowest to highest: Family, Select, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, Premier. Then there is Preferred Xtra just under Xtra in cost, and with no RSN fee, but that might have been grandfathered earlier this month and gone the way of the old Titanium package (the level that was above Premier). Base costs themselves (regardless of discounts) went up a few dollars this month, per the annual price adjustment that you can review at


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