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Sat, Oct 17, 2015 3:05 PM

At& t, Digital Life, Direct TV

If you are thinking about one of these services STOP....RUN . I was charged twice for a bill on my visa took two weeks to correct resulting in $269 overdraft fees, 5 weeks later it's still not resolved. My living room window was busted which prompt me to get Digital Life service less than 10 days of having to service my cameras went offline October 10th my fiance was attacked on our front porch ,when I went to retrieve the footage that's when it was brought to my attention that my cameras were offline since September 29th . Now that I don't feel safe and want to discontinue my service they're trying to threaten billing me with a cancellation fee.SMH had I known my service wasn't working 10 days after installation I would have cancelled that 10th day which would have been in the 14 day time frame that you have to cancel. Go to Comcast/ Xfinity more reliable 😡😠😒 they brag about the merger and being one family when you call AT&T with a complaint they direct you to DIRECTV when you call direct tv with a complaint they direct you to Digital Life and keep spinning you in a circle.SMH ...SPREAD THE WORD and DON'T SAY YOU WASN'T WARNED ! ! !


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