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Wed, Sep 14, 2016 12:32 AM


Overall I am very disappointed in my service, when I called in the guy didn't help whatsoever and didn't care that I was cancelling my service. All I wanted was to suspend the service even longer we initially had it installed in a rental home and six months into the contract we had to move out due to our landlord moving his mother into the home. We are now in a place that doesn't allow satellite and provides cable through the apartment complex I can't just up and buy another house it takes time to save that kind of money but you guys didn't care at all. I suspended my service and as soon as it turned back on after your limited time you started charging me for Sunday ticket and movie channels that I didn't even have on when I first got direct tv then on top of it they want over $400 for a cancellation fee. Overall this is the last time I will ever use direct tv I am very unhappy with the way things went and I will be going to Comcast or Fios for my cable provider because Comcast had no issues holding out on my internet agreement until we bought or rented a new house. I won't recommend direct tv to anyone after this experience, whatever happened to actually working with the customer to help satisfy a customers needs, I'm disappointed because as a huge football fan I was looking forward to using the Sunday ticket down the road but that won't be happening any longer.



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5 y ago

If you have a space under your exclusive control like a patio/balcony that faces the southern sky then the landlord can't prevent a dish look up OTARD.




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@Jreem12691 so DIRECTV is upholding its end of the contract but you are not uphoding yours, yet you blame DIRECTV.  Is clearly stated on your DIRECTV contract that you agreed to, that you can suspend your services up to six months is a year period. don’t see how DIRECTV i sht bad guy here. But I disgress 

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