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Thu, Aug 17, 2017 2:04 PM

$200 Visa Reward Card

Yesterday, August 16, 2017,  I called Directv about two brochures I received offering a $200 Visa Reward Card for signing up for 2 years.  There were 2 different numbers on the brochures to call, 877-212-9423 and 877-278-1449.  Both attempts to call these numbers resulted in a recording saying the numbers are not in service.  I found a customer service number to call on the internet and contacted the sales department.  I went through the sales pitch, credit check, (my latest credit score is 769) and was told I would be offered a $100 reward card.  When I asked about the $200 card, and pointed out there are no qualifiers listed,  the sales person told me that  the $100 card is all she is authorized to offer.  I am pointing out to ATT (of which I own 800 shares) that this is false advertising and they need to step in to stop these deceptive practices.  Directv has, for years, established a reputation as a shady operator.  I had hoped after ATT bought Directv they would clean up these practices.  Management needs to realize that, left untouched, it won't be long before ATT's reputation is damaged.




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4 years ago

I agree that currently AT&T has a notable reputation, but if the company digresses to the tactics and customer service standards that derogatorily impacted Direct TVs reputation it won't be long before AT&T's reputation becomes subpar; it seems that is the route the company has opted to follow.

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