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Thu, Dec 12, 2019 4:11 PM

We are now showing master bedroom door sensor but none exists. We have to bypass to set the alarm.

A few weeks ago we had our alarm set.  Around 10 pm it started going off.  It was showing the master bedroom door was open.  Problem, we do not have any internal door sensors.  This continues to show.  Each time we attempt to set the alarm, we have to bypass.  This is getting old.  Is it due to an update or what?


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a year ago

@1homeowner  Hello. If you would please click on my user name and then click "Send PM" to send me a private message with your name/account number and address, I would be happy to have one of our technical folks take a look on the back end to see whats going on and assist in resolving it remotely. Thank you

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