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Thursday, December 1st, 2016 4:45 PM

Low Bandwidth Issue

Let me preface this by saying, Digitial Life is THEE worst! Customer service is ripe with canned responses and their only motive is to get you off the phone as quickly as possible. I have called three times about the SAME issue. I got this service for the useful technology, the cameras and everything digital; unfortunately, I can't even view the cameras because it keeps rendering a "low bandwidth" message. Nothing has changed with my internet provider since initiating service, so I am not sure why this contnues to happen. Again this is one of the main reasons that I switched to this service.


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  If so, how have you resolved? They have promised to send a tech out...again.  I am over it.

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6 years ago

@TiffsSister Have you consistently experienced the low bandwidth issue since installation? If so, then there could be an issue could be with your home broadband.


However, if the low bandwidth issue just started, then I would like to look into this further.




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6 years ago

Hi @TiffsSister,


First, let me try to calm your nerves by letting you know that you are not alone in experincing this issue. 🙂  When I first experienced the issue, I searched this forum and found posts about it, so that definitely made me calmer. 🙂


Well, just a few weeks ago, I experienced this issue for a second time!  In both cases, the technician ended up re-syncing the cameras with the main control unit and that solved the problem.


The first time around, I tried the solutions recommended in the forum posts, but all to no avail, so I eventually gave up and called for a technician to come out.  He fiddled around with the cameras and when all that failed, he targeted his attention to the main control unit and then that's when he did the re-sync and all was resolved.


For the second occurence, as soon as the tecninican arrive and I told him what was happening, he responded, "Low bandwidth means there's something wrong with your internet connection.  We see that a lot when you have too many cameras."  He said that and made that diagnosis on my front steps; he had not yet even entered my home!


Nevertheless, much as I was boiling at that point, I remained calm, because I certainly wasn't going to accept that nonense. 🙂


So I politely told him my internet was fine and that this was a second occurrence so, once again, it is not an internet issue and then I told him about the first occurrence and the resolution made by that technician.  With that, he then came inside and we went directly to my office, where my internet connectivity devices are located.  When I showed him the Switch to which the DL was connected, he noticed the yellow port connection numbers ands said to me, "See, there's your problem:  'Yellow' means there's a problem and 'Green' means good."


I started to boil even more. 😉


I said to him, "No, 'Yellow' means 10Mbps and 'Green' means 100Mbps."  He doubted me and then I had to intrerrupt and say, "Do you want me to get you the Switch manual?" 🙂  At that poit, he relented.


Then and only then did he finally start to troubleshoot the main control unit and, sure enough, eventually he does a re-syncing and the cameras came back online.  He tried to talk himself out of it by saying how he likes to do a complete troubleshoot, but what nonense!  He didn't even want to come in to my house; he was convinced that it was an internet connectivity/number of cameras issue when he arrived.


So my recommendation to you is to call DL Customer Service and have a technician come out and make sure to push him to do a re-sync, at the very minimum.  In both of my cases, I had to repeatedly remind them that I had been fine for several months, made no router/internet setup changes, and then this problem occurred, so I am definitely not likely to accept a resolution that is trying to indicate that my internet setup is where the problem lies; and in both cases, I was correct.

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