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Sunday, December 17th, 2017 7:18 AM

Help to identify a problem??

Upon grabbing my unwanted attention, i was going to browse something on my Samsung Galaxy S8's Google chrome app and once i tapped the search bar to type in a url, i got some strange suggestions which looked like pop ups, below is a screenshot of my phone with the questionable issue I've just newly noticed. I've tried searching up information about this "Search Buzz" thing and haven't seen anything related to it,i want to know if it is a virus and if there is a way to remove it.i should mention that i tapped an option and it brought me to a Yahoo search page with results on the suggestion so it seems to be affiliated with Yahoo, but i don't use Yahoo i use Gmail. 

this is highly concerning and i'd greatly appreciate any help. preferably without having to do a factory reset of my phone. 


As i mentioned earlier, My phone model is a Samsung Galaxy S8 and my Service provider is AT&T.

i have applications all from the google play store and even tried running Maliware and virus apps which found nothing, but i am still afraid/concerned something is infecting my phone.

Also should mention the keyboard is "Cheetah Keyboard" which was downloaded straight from the google play store. i have already checked if it was the cause but it was not. the keyboard app is safe.

I have already tried running my phone in safe mode, I've cleared a bunch of Cache. Even uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it thinking it was something on the App data but it wasn't. i don't know what this could be, it only seems to show up in Chrome but it was never there until recently like a day or two ago.


I'd also greatly appreciate if an actual AT&T expert can provide feedback, but if there are others who have experienced this and know how to fix it. please give your input.



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