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Mon, Jul 21, 2014 9:37 PM

Digital Life Cameras Not Recodring? No One Knows Why? I DO!

Had nightmares with 4 wireless outdoor cameras.


Owners manual didn't help.


Online support on cameras AND troubleshooting?  DIDN'T help.


Having an AT&T installer area manager here... Didn't help.


FINALLY after initiating a help desk chat through AT&T Installer and providing my login credentials, (which I now have to change) found out that installer/s should have created a subroutine telling the cameras to record when motion is activated!  I would've thought that should eb the default position but no..


HERE is how to do it. 


1.  Go to GUI (graphical User Interface) on webpage or app.

2.  Log in

3. Go to programs - Create Program - Connect activities

4.  Tell it when Blank (whichever camera name) detecst motion then Click NEXT at bottom to be taken to the next line of the program where you say Then blank will record video.  Then you click next again and set up what type of notifications if any you want and then click save...


You need one of these routines for EACH camera you have in your system.  My two installers left me with cameras that had a live feed but wouldn't record anything unless I gave the command to take a pic or video!

Still getting it resolved now as there is also a Wi-Fi and/or hardward address issue on two Cameras.  Please pray for or wish me luck! 


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