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Saturday, August 12th, 2017 6:29 AM

Deadbolt lock/unlock chimes?

Is there any way to turn off the chime on the deadbolt keypad itself? This is NOT the arm/disarm key pad. I'm talking about the key pad that is physically on the front door that you type the code in to unlock/lock the front door. Whenever that door is locked/unlccked using the deadbolt keypad, it plays 3 really loud melodic chimes that can be heard throughout the house, which usually results in the dog waking up and barking and that wakes up everyone else. Surely there is a way to turn this off?

For example:i wake up early to go for a run before my wife and kid wake up. The only way i can lock the front door is to use the keypad on the deadbolt (or my phone app, chime plays either way) because my keypad does not have a keyhole. It's just a keypad. So i can't quietly leave or enter the house. The chimes also play when i come home and unlock the door. That makes no sense. It doesn't make sense that there is a setting to turn off the chime for when the door physically swings open, yet not a setting to turn off the chime when the door is merely locked/unlocked. Please tell me there is a way to turn this off? Everything else is great but this really would be a deal breaker. I can't have the whole house wake up every morning when i simply unlock/lock the door. Oddly enough, when you manually turn the deadbolt (when you're already in the house, of course) no chime plays. So the act of the deadbolt turning doesnt trigger the chime, it's something else programmed in the deadbolt' s keypad that makes the sound play when the keypad is used to lock/unlock the door. Please help.

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5 years ago

@justbowlin Yes, you are able to change the volume settings. You can have the sound either enabled or disabled. Below are the steps to disable the sound on your door lock.


1. Enter your Master Pin + the settings (gear) button

2. Enter 4 + the settings (gear) button.

3. Enter 3 (for no sound) + the settings (gear) button


I hope this was helpful.



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5 years ago

THANK YOU!  Both for asking the question (same exact scenario as me) and for the concise, accurate and effective answer!  I called into CS and was told this was impossible, but felt certain that buried in the installer settings or somewhere, it might would be.  Came here, found the answer, and within 5 mins had the sound turned off.

Great to have this forum, and knowledgeable employees answering the questions once so that everyone can benefit.

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