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Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 10:24 PM

Voicemail System Asks for Password Only When Phone is in Wi-Fi Calling Mode

I have Consumer Cellular phones, with service provided through the ATT network, so this is kind of an ATT issue. 

When I set up my voicemail several years ago, I used the "password not required" option, so I wouldn't have to enter the password to retrieve voice messages. 

That option still works, BUT: only when I am calling over the cellular network, and Wi-Fi calling is turned off, or if I don't have a Wi-Fi connection. 

If I call the voicemail number using Wi-Fi calling, the system asks for my password. And, when I enter what I THINK is my password from several years ago, it says that the password is incorrect. (The voicemail number is the ATT voicemail number for my area.)

I want to skip the password requirement, even if I am using Wi-Fi calling.

Also: I just called the voicemail system (over the cellular network), and confirmed the "no password" setting. It still works that way on the cell network, but not WiFi.

Is there something else I can try? Why are the calls being treated differently, depending whether they being made over the cell network, or using Wi-Fi calling?


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1 year ago

Hello there, TominMo. We understand the importance of accessing your voicemail at any point in time, we'll he happy to help with taking off your voicemail password while on Wi-Fi. 


We advise that you take advantage of our Basic Voicemail User Guide that provides you personalized steps of our different voicemail options. 


In order to access your Password Options you'll need to:

  1. Press and Hold the "1" key from your wireless phone.
  2. Press "4" for personal options.
  3. Select "2" for administrative options.
  4. Lastly, choose option "1" for password options then you should be prompted to make that change.

Also, another way to avoid voicemail passwords is to utilize our Visual Voicemail feature as long as you have a compatible device and plan.


We'll also recommend, you reset your voice mail password, by following the steps below:

  1. Go to your account overview and open My wireless.
  2. Scroll to My Devices & add-ons and choose the device you want to manage.
  3. Select Manage my device.
  4. Look in Device options & settings, choose Reset voicemail password, and follow the prompts.

Furthermore, you can also call your voicemail by pressing and holding 1, to turn off the password, while you are on wifi calling


Learn more on how to access and manage your wireless voicemail and get more information from our FAQ page


Let us know how this works for you. 


Rasheedat, AT&T Community Specialist 

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8 months ago

None of that will work, I know from personal experience. Your best bet, either stop using WiFi calling or get used to not using Visual Voicemail on WiFi calling.

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8 months ago

Finally an answer that solves the password issue (being unable to access voicemail without having to enter a password).  Just turn off wifi calling.  Why would I want or need wifi calling anyway?

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8 months ago

Easy, in my situation I live in an older house. I rely on WiFi calling because my cell signal is almost nothing in the house.

The irony is that AT&T's solution to my signal issue is to use WiFi calling. There solution to the visual voicemail problem is update the phone software, or get a new phone. Now, I can try an update the software on my phone, but they won't push it to my phone even though I got it from AT&T and I know one is available. As for getting a new phone, that's ridiculous. The issue is obviously a software conflict between how WiFi calling works with AT&T and there Voicemail system.

What this tells me is they they are likely looking into implementing forced obsolescence by causing features people have come to rely on to simply break on older devices. iPhones being excluded because Apple won't let any carrier mess with there system images.

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