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Thursday, March 30th, 2023 6:02 AM

Restarting my visual voicemail

For some reason, my visual voicemail has been disconnected and all my unanswered came are going to my manual voicemail. I don't like that voicemail, I love the visual voicemail, but I can't figure out why it's off and how to turn it back on and working again. I'm using a Galaxy A13 smartphone. It has been working all this time... So I know it's possible. Please help

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1 year ago

We're here to get your voicemail back working @livelovetoil2.


Let's start with some troubleshooting. There can be a few reasons why your Visual Voicemail isn't working, so we'd like to try troubleshooting the app first: 

  • Clear the Visual Voicemail app's cache and cookies. This'll fix any glitches you may be experiencing, and it can be done by going into your Settings > Apps > AT&T Visual Voicemail > Storage > Clear Cache
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app. Completely removing the app and then readding it is another way to troubleshoot apps whenever they act up. 

Once you've done both of the above, try setting up your voicemail again by:

  1. Open your Phone app.
  2. Select the Keypad tab, then the Visual Voicemail Icon
  3. Select Start.
  4. Finally, Select OK

Please let us know if this helps!


Marilyn, AT&T Community Specialist



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1 year ago

I have had the same problem since February (last VVM is on Feb 17), and this didn't help. I cleared cache (by the way, the app is called "Visual Voicemail"; not "AT&T Visual Voicemail" - small thing, but since apps are sorted by name, it is in totally different place in the list).

More important, on my Galaxy S23 it *cannot* be uninstalled. 

VVM stopped working on two phones simultaneously; so I don't think it's phone related I'll keep looking, but is somebody in support can actually research this problem, would be very helpful.


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1 year ago

I've been through these forums trying to figure out what's going on and AT&T won't help. The best they can do is reply with their "we're here to help blah, blah, blah"&n(Edited per community guidelines)p; (Edited per community guidelines), then suggest the simplest, most obvious fixes that we've already done OR the solutions don't fix anything. I mean, they don't even know their own products..... can't delete the app, can't update it, can't disable it. I don't have the time or patience to sit on the phone with them while they try fixes that sometimes screw my phone up more (they once had me reset network, not telling me I'd lose all my wifi & Bluetooth info, something that's good to know so a person isn't left wondering what happened and "Oh (Edited per community guidelines), I gotta get all these passwords again!"). I'd like to see a credit to my account for this voicemail debacle. Also I tried archiving them so they won't auto delete (something new that (Edited per community guidelines) me off when I lost an important voicemail) and I can't even get archiving to work. (Edited per community guidelines)???!!!!


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