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AT&T related help: Find out why your bill changed


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Thursday, February 9th, 2023 11:41 AM

Protect Advantage

Protect Advantage keeps magically getting added to my account and I constantly have to call customer service to have it removed. No one can tell me why it keeps getting added. Any suggestions on what I can do? When I go to the addons section while logged into my account, it shows that this feature is not even on my account, yet I am being billed $30 for it.

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10 months ago

How are your billed $30 for something that does not cost $30?  ($14, $17 or $45)

How are you being billed for $30 for something that you were saying does not appear on your bill?

Insurance is added on each line individually or as a group charge. 

If you look at the pdf version of your bill, the black and white version, it should list every single charge down to the penny that you are paying for piddly little federal or local taxes, so it would include whether you have a charge on any particular line for insurance.

The online bill which appears in blue has plus signs (+) you click to expand any particular section to show all of the individual details. 

Remove insurance:

To make changes to your wireless features please follow these steps: Sign in to your wireless account, select My Wireless and click on the specific device. Then select Manage Device & Features and you will see the current features you have. Select Device Protection and it should give you the option to take any action on the feature. If both charges are billed separately they may have a separate process for removing each charge. You will need to repeat this for each device that has insurance that you want removed


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