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Sat, Dec 8, 2018 7:06 AM

How to block calls from one area code?

Several years ago I changed my phone number to the area code where I grew up. I wasn't hoping I'd hear from friends or anything like that.


The idea was to appear to be living somewhere else to mess with whatever metadata  there is out there that's compiled by BigTech to be sold to BigTelemarketer, which ends up causing me a  BigHeadache.  Not to mention shortening my life span with every time I hear my phone ring.


Well now, it's actually proved itself a good idea, with a surprising twist. The telemarketers who now use the deceptive practice of spoofing random numbers from that  area code, thinking I'll see my area code and exchange and say "Oh that must be one of my neighbors, I better take this call",  have in fact, fallen into my clever  little trap!


I only have two family members with that area code,. and they're in my contacts. I don't expect to get any calls from anyone I used to know there. So on the one hand it's great to be able to see that area code and say. "Another lowlife scum telemarketer" (That's the cleaned up version)  - The amount of calls has gotten insane! At least 5 calls a day sometimes more. That's a lot for me. Nobody really calls anymore. We text, and then maybe decide if we want to talk.


So, if I were able to block that area code, which I'm totally willing to do, realizing nobody from that area code could reach me, and all the implications of such a block, it would make me a very happy person.


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a year ago

Hello @EddieHaskell

Thank you for the post.

No, there is not a way to block all calls from an entire area code.

Matter of fact with the AT&T Call Protect app there is no need to play games or maintain traps - as it warns you of suspected spam calls with Automatic Fraud Blocking.

We hope this helps.

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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6 months ago

This isn't actually the case. The app MIGHT tell you a number is suspected fraud, but it usually doesn't. But even when it does, my phone still rings constantly from a Texas area code with spam anf fishing calls. Often fraudulent. Im absolutely at wits end with this, to the point where I'm ready to cancel my service.

You have the ability to do something about this. Just do it.