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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 12:48 PM

HELP stolen cell number

After a google search for MY cell number, the top results are for another person about 15 miles away. What tipped me off was I started getting voting calls and text on my cell for this other person.  I don't understand how this happened. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

thanks, Jim


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6 m ago

There's a likely explanation for your current SIM experience, @Jimmy_Pea!


Allow us to look into the reason you're receiving text messages directed to somebody else and why after performing a search your number returns as belonging to that individual.


If you've recently acquired the number or had it for a while but it's not your original number it's likely the other individual is the original owner of your current number. If you're an AT&T customer are you:

  • Able to sign in to your AT&T account and verify your phone number?
  • Still receiving incoming calls and text messages from contacts and others trying to reach you?

While rare, this crossed number experience does occur with some customers. If you choose it's possible to change your wireless number simply by following these steps.


Hope this info helps.


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6 m ago

Thanks for the response and answer. I have had this same cellular number since it was Cingular wireless...probably 20 years. When I log onto I see our 3 phones with correct numbers and everything looks okay. And, yes, I am receiving text and calls as usual. The problem is I'm also getting text and calls for another person and when I search my number I get this other persons name and address on multiple pages including,, and many other sites that are SEO to the top of the searches. Who do I contact about fixing this?


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