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Monday, January 4th, 2016 12:31 AM

HD voice support on Lumia 950 XL (dual SIM)?

Having scanned the AT&T forums and the Microsoft forums, I'm left with the following questions:


1. Is HD voice supported by AT&T on this non-AT&T device? The OS is essentially the same as in the AT&T branded Lumia 950. If not, is there a plan to support it before the phone is end-of-life? (The Lumia spec sheet says that HD voice is supported.)


2. At home I don't get an LTE signal. I can walk 200' over the crest of the hill in my street and pick up an LTE signal. Assuming that AT&T gets around to supporting my phone, will I need an LTE microcell to get HD voice support in my house? (I just picked up an AT&T microcell and installed it after assurances from the in-store rep that it would boost my LTE signal. It's strictly a 3G microcell.)

ACE - Sage


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8 years ago

ATT currently does not support Non- ATT devices for HD voice.   My son has the nexus 6p, which also drops into HSPA for calls.


 Microcells are for calls over your wifi , LTE is often better of disabled and MMS will not may not come through.  Regular text should come through.



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