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Friday, June 3rd, 2022 8:23 AM

duplicate phone icons on start up screen my phone is a moto g

when phone is powered on the start up screen has multiple phone icons 2 upper ( 1 above the other), 1 middle (Rt.) & 1 bottom with the other start up icons

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1 year ago

Let's work together to figure out why you're seeing more than one phone icon, @Stillbillone.


Please answer the following questions to help us determine what's going on with your device:

  • When did this error begin? This will help us figure out the root cause of things. 
  • Have you performed a software update recently? If so, something may have went wrong with the update.
  • Have you downloaded any new apps recently? We're asking because you may have come across one that's harmful to your device causing it to malfunction. We recommend putting your device in Safe Mode to test your apps. If the problem no longer occurs while in Safe Mode, you've determined that the error is caused by a third-party app that was downloaded to your phone.

How to enter Safe Mode:

  • To activate Safe Mode, hold the power key until the power off icon appears.
  • Press and hold the power off icon until the Safe Mode prompt appears.
  • Select Safe Mode to confirm.

Once your device has powered on, you should see the words "Safe Mode" in the lower right/left corner of your screen. While in Safe Mode, your phone will only have access to core apps that were pre-installed in the phone at the factory.


In addition, you should be able to delete the duplicate icon by dragging it towards the trash can, holding it there until it turns red, and then releasing it.


If that doesn't help, open the app and tap on Clear data at the bottom to select Clear cache and Clear all data, one at a time. Reboot your device and check if you can still see duplicate icons of the same app on the homescreen or the app drawer.


Please keep us updated on how this works for you! 


Sydne, AT&T Community Specialist

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