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Sunday, October 12th, 2014 2:54 AM

Carrier Unlocking of Asus RT LTE


I am planning on purchasing an Asus Rt LTE, most likely used, for taking over seas for a brief amount of time. I read about obtaining an unlock code from AT&T, but am uncertain if I would completely qualify. I AM a current "GoPhone" customer and I believe I have reached the six month minimum. If not, however, I used to have AT &T service. The problem is, the contract itself was not mine, it was my exes. Yes, it defaulted and is in bad standing. However, like I said, I was not on the actual contract just labeled as an "authorized user" on the account. So, would I be denied, and/or would they require that the device be used in this country first for X amount of time?

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9 years ago

 Why don't you just buy an unlocked  Asus Rt LTE ??
If it is a Tablet,it MAYBE not  locked.

You will have a hard time to get it unlocked by AT&T.
From the Specs. given by ,This tablet may not fully work with LTE in North America.

3G are fully worked in North America.But will not work in Asia and EU countries. 

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