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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 6:57 PM

Wrong Data Plan

Okay here's the problem: somehow a customer service representative swapped me and my mother's data plan for our phones. How? I don't know. What did they do exactly? Well here's what happened: last year I had unlimited data on my phone until December of 2016 I got a text saying that I have used 75% of data. This of course did not make sense because I have unlimited data. Apparently, my parents bought my nephews a tablet that was suppose to have a 2 GB data plan because I they're toddlers. They don't even need a tablet. However, somehow the customer service representative swapped our plans. The representative gave me and my mother a 2 GB data plan and the my nephews' tablet unlimited internet data plan. Keep in mind this was done over phone by the way. So for the past months my father has had to call customer service to rectify this but they cannot seem to fix it because for some reason the representatives do not understand how they even did it or the fact that you can have data plans for a tablet! HA! We even went to an AT&T store to fix this but they said they cannot and that you have to call to fix it and they even pointed out this whole debacle is stupid! This is so frustrating because I need my phone for online communication, business, and just to freaking relax and listen to my music but I can't do that whenever I keep getting a text saying that I have used 75%, 90%, then finally 100%. So here I am and I don't know what to do. Help.

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6 years ago

It sounds like you're  all on an old, per line plan, which means. You're paying waaaaay to much.

please have the account owner look at the new plans.  The plus plan gives all devices unlimited data

The Pkus plan even allows you 10 gigs of full speed tethering, which you didn't have tpwith the old plan.

A couple of things to know:  the plan doesn't allow employee/FAN discounts.   The plan includes a $25 TV discount.  

 FYI there is no current postpaid 2 gig plan they can put a tablet on.  A new line would have to be on a current plan.


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6 years ago

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely they will go back and restore the old plan this many months later. Had you caught the problem back in December or even January, they would have fixed it but not now. As suggested above, you are probably paying too much for the old plan anyway. You really should look at one of the current plans. By the way, it is very possible to get that 75% usage warning even on unlimited data. Your data may be slowed after reaching 22GB on any unlimited plan and ATT does send those warnings when users reach 75% of that 22GB.

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