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Sun, Oct 21, 2018 5:41 AM

Why is ATT disabling visual voicemail on Pixel phones?

So my girlfriend just got her brand new pixel 3, unlocked straight from google. We have friends who are on Verizon who also did the same (went the unlocked route, and bought directly from google as well.)



However, in the dialer app, we noticed something strange: our friends phones had a dedicated tab for visual voicemail; my girlfriends phone did not.


The only option we have is to download att's proprietary visual voicemail application...even though google builds visual voicemail in natively into android, much like apple does with the iphone.

If i bought an unlocked iphone, apple's visual voicemail solution would still be accessible to us. In fact, I know it is, because I've purchased and used unlocked iphones in the past on my account without any sort of barrier to using that portion of the phone....the option to enable visual voicemail on her pixel is totally missing from her phones options, which means that its being disabled based upon the sim that's currently inserted into the phone.

I have a well over 200 dollar phone bill with att.....and I'm kinda starting to get the gist of whats going on here, but I'd like to see if there is solution to the problem...I mean for that price, or any price, does it not make sense that if we spend money on a device that we get to use its built in capabilities? 


Why is att going out of their way to disable this? Where do i sign to get that ban lifted? And is there any reasoning behind that decision, outside of wanting unnecessary amounts of control on android devices on att's network? (because they certainly don't take the same approach to iphones)




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7 months ago

There was an official reply, but it intentionally danced around the actual question.  Just today, they marked the non-answer as the accepted solution even though the original poster said in his next reply that it doesn't answer the question.


I'm just saying that, if I were the @ATTHelp official account, I would be embarrassed that I intentionally dodged the question on one of the largest threads on the community, then had the gall to mark it as the approved solution after 75 other people have replied that they didn't actually answer the question. 


In terms of them but supporting a phone that doesn't make them money, it actually took them more effort to turn off Google VVM. If they had done nothing to the stock Pixel, it would just work. They went through extra effort to turn it off to force customers to use their own inferior app.


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7 months ago

They aren’t in the slightest embarrassed.  And a politic reply is all they ever give.  That’s why customer forums exist, to discuss realistically, rather than just company spin.   
This thread isn’t even in the top 10 longest threads.  Unlocking thread is closing in on 3,000 posts.  The threads on the group text limit are long and go back years.  This thread hasn’t hit 100.  
There are bigger issues than VVM that need to be addressed by AT&T in regards to unlocked phones.  At least the VVM app works.  But there is no workaround provided for those who can’t use WiFi calling.  In order of importance, WiFi calling trumps VVM and the group text limit.    
   At&t definitely has major flaws that it needs to iron out to stay in 2nd place.   But they seem to have blinders on.  

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Adding myself to this forum.


I would prefer to use Google Pixel's voice mail feature. Instead, I am forced to delete the AT&T Visual Voicemail app, go to the play store and rate it 1 star, then download "YouMail".

I at least will be switching to Verizon and I don't have to worry about this (Edited per community guidelines).


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I too think it is ridiculous how they treat phones not purchased from them. I just bought an unlocked Pixel 4 xl (G020J) because it not only saved me a couple hundred bucks from their price, it is unlocked so I can take it to another carrier. It is the same model they sell in stores but since the IMEI is not one of their own, they block a bunch of important features. Not allowing features just pushes the customers to go spend their money elsewhere. So not only do they lose the opportunity to make money on a phone, they also lose subscribers to their overpriced service to other services that don't block features. Seems to me like a losing position to be in.

I did discover from a post elsewhere that if you change the IMEI they have listed for your phone in the system to one from a supported phone like one of their iphones, you can use some of the features. My HD voice started working and my wifi calling started working by doing this. I still don't have android VVM working and now their VVM app doesn't work either. Also, my call screening is still not working. It is so irritating to spend nearly a grand on a phone that has all the most important features disabled by the carrier. Considering Verizon at this point.

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