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Monday, January 19th, 2015 9:51 PM

Why has ATT limited the time a voice mail can be stored to 30 days? Voice mails older are LOST?

I just ordered a new iphone 6.  Then my visual voice mails stops working on my current iphone.


I call the local store...they tell me its suspended until I activate it on the new phone.


I had voice mails that were VERY important to me on there.....from my gf that was killed in a car accident...and they are gone....and the online info suggests anything over 30 days old will be lost....REALLY?  Thanks ATT for not informing me or the **** that work in your store of this "minor" detail...I was never told this or I would not have "upgraded!" (not sure you can call it upgrading when you loose on the deal)


I also was not notified of the change that voice mails will only be saved for 30 days.....deceptive business practice to change this and not inform your customers!


Then I get a text from ATT that tells me my current $15/month discount does not apply to the new 2-yr service plan.....deceptive again....they failed to mention that in the store...


If this is the way you do business and train those working in the store (represnting ATT) i will look elsewhere.


Long-time ATT customer dismayed at your deceptive business practices!!


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ACE - Sage


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9 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss.
Verizon saves messages for only 21 days. But they have a different voicemail service.

I will try to explain the phone purchase options , sorry it's long, I hope it's clear.

All carriers now require you to pay for your phones, one way or another. (They always did)

With AT&T you have 3 options to purchase a phone....

1. BYOP, bring your own phone or purchase a phone at full retail.

2. The 2 year subsidized plan. ( aka "old plan ) A portion paid up front, the rest of the cost is built into the $40 a month line fee. This is why you lose your discount on the line. If you're add what your paid up front, plus the $360 - $600 (depending on your data plan and discount amount) lost discount, you may pay less than the retail amount for the phone.

3. The newest purchase option (NEXT) allows your to spread out the current retail price over as much as 30 installment payments and keep the discounted line at $15 or $25. This is not a lease or rent. Once the installments are paid in full the phone is yours to do as you please. The 30 month plan allows your to trade in a phone in excellent condition and use the value toward a new phone after only 24 months. ( there are shorter plans for those who want to pay off quicker )
For an individual, this is not always the cheapest option.

This is not deceptive. the Next plan and line discounts have been well advertised for over a year.

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9 years ago

Hello @USVIJLA  Thanks for posting your concerns.


Very sorry for your loss and that you lost your voicemail on the prior phone. Our system is set up to save messages 30 days from the initial voicemail deposit and the maximum number of messages is 40. For the phone on the 2 year contract, yes, the per line discount we’ve provided will be lost unless you go with a next plan as @lizdance40   mentioned. Keep in mind you do have the option to return the phone within 14 days of purchase and go with a Next payment plan if you prefer. 


If this helps, please mark this answer as an accepted solution.




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