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Saturday, March 21st, 2020 12:49 PM

What has At&t put in the contracts of the New Unlimited data plans that will protect against another (Edited per community guidelines) lawsui from grandfathered

I have a grandfathered At&t unlimited data plan. I want a hotspot but At&t says I have to give up my grandfathered plan to get it. We do know that At&t gave out a settlement related to capping off speed of service after a certain amount of usage. Now. What I want to know is what has At&t put in the new Unlimited data contract that will protect them from another (Edited per community guidelines) (Edited per community guidelines) like they had with the grandfathered plan. Obviously they have made changes that will allow them to have more control of how data is used or maybe they are just more forthcoming in the new contracts. Because if they are identical contracts, why make it mandatory that I leave the grandfathered plan. If anyone knows please explain. Thanks

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4 years ago

Every ATT customer, whether on a grandfathered plan or a current plan is under the exact same wireless agreement. The wireless agreement or what you call the “contract” applies to everyone. The (Edited per community guidelines) you speak of had absolutely nothing to do with ATT actually throttling data, it was for not adequately informing customers about the throttling. ATT does not throttle data anymore on any unlimited plan, they re-prioritize it and every unlimited plan, including the grandfathered plan you are on, clearly spells out at what point data will be re-prioritized.

As to why you need to give up your grandfathered plan for a hotspot, it’s simply because your plan does not support hotspot.


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4 years ago

Just to clairify:

Current plans support the use of your phone’s hotspot, up to a limited number of gigs. A dedicated hotspot is not permitted on unlimited data plans.

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