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Tue, Dec 27, 2016 2:25 AM

Using Hotspot with an Unlimited Wireless Plan

Living in a rural area in upstate NY I'm obviously a candidate for a product like a cellular hotspot.

What is the reason that AT&T does not allow a customer to use a hotspot with an unlimited plan?

Is it a marketing plan to keep control of data usage or is it a technical issue that prevents AT&T from being able to manage more data usage over their existing network?  

AT&T's Wireless Home Phone & Internet looks like a product that would adaquetly work but the data plans do not seem like a good value.  To me, as consumer, this looks a way to control data and make more money.  Also 2 year contracts are a thing of the past.  

Thanks Rural_Life_Pete





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4 years ago

@DecimateClout wrote:
Methods of tethering other than a WiFi Hotspot include USB and Bluetooth. So, by that definition, connecting one device to another by one of those methods is not tethering.
Because it uses no additional data.  The word "tethering" is incorrect/inaccurate when mirroring with Bluetooth.  I can use Bluetooth to speakers, my Zenwatch or mirror to a big screen.  None of these uses any more data than I would already on my phone for that activity.    That's completely different from Connecting a computer to the hotspot on my phone which will use far more data and directly from the computer because the tethered device is using the data, not my phone.  
Well, problem solved. Ya know, att could make a ton of money by extending uverse service or at least DSL to rural customers.   DSL is dead or dying.  It's lousy service, expensive to maintain.  Carriers are discontinuing it any way they can.  
 The only option in my area is Hughes net and mobile data.   We know satellite is lousy and cellular is expensive.  That is the way it is until new technologies fill in.  Hopefully it will.
I spent days on the phone with att because their service area falls just short of my area and I wanted to find out where the closest CO or RT was and see about the possibility of a loop repeater. I got sebt from call center to call center... hour long phone calls, only to give up and cancel my uverse service and buy their mobile data plan. Drive through my area and see the Hughes net dishes... there is money to be made here.


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