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Thu, Jan 22, 2009 12:33 AM


Unlimited text messaging for families for 30 Dollars

I edited the below message as I didn't want to come across angry or upset.  I just wish there was a cell phone use for dummies book online.  This forum has been the best place thus far to help me with questions I do not have answers to.  Thanks for all replies.

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12 years ago

@Joyatcellphoneforum wrote:
I am confused.  I was given different information on this subject.  I was told it was free to send picture text and video text, and then that it costs to send them as they were different and used internet and text did not.  I had a tech write me and say I could send videos under 600 kbs to another mobile for free, and then another tell me no, it would cost me extra.  With the 30 unlimited texting, do you have picture text?  Video text?  If that is unlimited too, how can they still charge.  Do they or don't they?  I have called the free answer number and I have been told so many different things, and lately they tell me to go with Verizon or Sprint!  My Goodness, I work for a company and If I told them to go with my competitor, I wouldn't work for them.  Please someone tell me what is included with unlimited texting?  I have sent several videos under 600 kbs in the past few days and can't find it on my bill, but have been told over the phone, I will be charged, even though I have in writing by a tech on here that I won't be.  I am so confused.


Unlimited Family Messaging INCLUDES....text, pic/video and IM. IM is included provided you use one of the PREINSTALLED IM clients on your phone. Pic/Video and IM do use data but the associated data charges ARE INCLUDED in the Umlinited Family Messaging Plan. However, if you access IM through the MEdia Net Page OR a 3rd party, you WILL incur data charges.


As for the 600 kb MMS limit... I think it depends on what your phone will limits are. I DID read on the forum that the 300kb limit has been changed to 600 kb. My Shine is limited to a 300 kb limit. I made the mistake of sending 4 pics in one message once and went over the 300 kb limit and was charged extra data charges. I try to keep my pic/video messages under 300 kb anyway since I already incurred extra charges once. I'll have to test it out one day to double check this on my phone to see if the new limit IS actually 600 kb.


They actually told you to switch to Verizon or Sprint??? That's CRAZY!!


I hope this helps!!



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