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Thursday, July 15th, 2021 1:38 PM

Unable to send picture/MMS message from Google Messages app

I just transferred service to AT&T and I'm unable to send picture/MMS messages when using the Google Messages app.  What's weird is I can send MMS messages using the native Samsung Messages app on my Galaxy S8+.  When I did transfer to AT&T, I brought my Galaxy S8 from my previous carrier/BYOD.  The device is unlocked.  So far, I've:

  • Uninstalled/reinstalled the Google Messages app
  • Reset device defaults (and made Google Messages the default app again)
  • Reset network defaults.
  • Rebooted the phone - waited a full minute, then powered back on again.
  • Phone is up to date, no system updates to apply.
  • Contacted AT&T and verified APN settings.
  • Removed and reinstalled my AT&T SIM card.
  • Confirmed my number is fully and completely ported from my previous carrier to AT&T as of 7/6/2021, no issues with my account.
  • Sent feedback to Google (per direction from AT&T's "advanced" tech support, see below)
  • Tried sending the same message from my home location (once with wifi enabled and once with wifi disabled) and also from a spot with an excellent connection/5-out-of-5 bars for coverage.
  • Tried sending a photo message using a photo from my albums, then also sending a photo message by taking a picture directly within the Google Messages app.
  • Tried some community post suggestions - changed APN protocol to IPv4/IPv6 (instead of IPv4 only), set APN type to default,supl,mms,hipri, enabled 2G capability, Advanced Messaging is enabled, chat features is enabled in Google Messages app, tried sending a message with my wifi on, then off as noted above, enabled wifi calling.

I am currently back to default settings.  What's interesting is that I can send GIFs or stickers from Google Messages and they send successfully.  It's only pictures that seem to be the issue.  When I send a pic, Google Messages will show the photo is "Sending..." constantly.  When I look at the notification bar, I can see it's attempting to send my picture message via 4G LTE.  If I'm connected to wifi, the 4G LTE indicator will intermittently appear/disappear over and over as it attempts to deliver the picture message.  My last conversation with AT&T had said this is an issue with the Google Messages app itself and that I'd need to follow up with Google for resolution.  I am confused because I was able to use this app successfully with no problems on other cellular carriers, so why only now would this issue pop up when joining AT&T?  I haven't been able to send a picture message using Google Messages since my number was successfully ported (7/6/2021). 

Not only that, but AT&T and Google are now supporting Google Messages as the default messaging app for Android devices (Twitter or Google Cloud Announcement).  It'd be nice if AT&T would take ownership of this issue and fix it, especially if this is going to be the platform they are using going forward.

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3 years ago

Hello @brcbsn ! Allow for us to guide you in the right direction into getting assistance for your Google Messages App!


We appreciate you for reaching out! For further assistance, we recommend that you contact Google Messages Support. If you have any AT&T related questions in the future, please feel free to let us know and we will be more than happy to help!



We hope you have a great day!



Ty, AT&T Community Specialist 

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