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Fri, Apr 16, 2021 10:25 PM

Text Protect?

Why isn’t there a Text Protect app?  Please add the ability to add a function to add custom numbers to block calls and texts like this 410-###-####. This would allow to block area codes and other permutations that scammers are using. In addition don’t require all 10 digits. I’m also getting texts from 1(410)-00#. It drives me CRAZY. 

The first mobile carry to do this I will jump to. It’s worth any time or price of changing to have this. 


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1 m ago

We appreciate the feedback, @bfd514!


We'll direct your remarks to the appropriate contact for review. For now, it's possible to forward those unwanted messages to 7726 (SPAM). Messages forwarded to this number are free and will not count toward your text plan.


Additionally, so that we may identify and block those text messages you're receiving, you're welcome to complete this form and follow these steps to guard yourself against texting scams.


While AT&T is vigilant about protecting our customers from unsolicited text message spam, a  great rule of thumb to follow is to never reply to any suspicious text. Also, be careful about where you distribute your wireless phone number (Example: if you sign up online to receive message alerts, make sure to understand that company's privacy policy concerning treatment of your wireless phone number, exactly what sort of messages you will receive, and how you can unsubscribe).


Hope this info helps!


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1 m ago

Yeah, yeah.  What do you actually do with all those texts that I (and from others) sent?  I've read post after post on this community that we never hear anything back.  I know I have not.

I don't think this will ever be resolved.  Scammers will always be a step ahead and their is no incentive when the players that could stop this (Apple, ATT, Verizon, .....) are probably financially tied to the scam somehow. 

It's interesting all of the major players have these half baked "Protect" apps that don't cover text and calls, leaving consumers to investigate and purchase another (3rd Party) app.  In turn, 3rd Party developers are constrained by OS, hardware and network.  It's all a racket in my opinion.  Ok, I'm done ranting. 

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