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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 9:15 AM

Text messages from iPhone to android fails to send or receive


I noticed that I wasn’t receiving replies to my text messages, same contacts report they never received them. It appears this began around October 16 to android users from my iPhone X. I have reset my network settings, and this has not solved the problem. I’ve never had an issue before with this phone or previous iPhones. Any assistance to fix this problem is much appreciated.




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a month ago

My girlfriend has a Verizon phone.  AT&T is blocking her SMS text messages from going to any AT&T phone - not just my AT&T phone.  This is the 4th weekend I have been on the phone with support.  Previously, I've been assured that the problem has been escalated and is being investigated by the "back end" people.  I get canned, insincere, apologies for my inconvenience but nothing has been done to resolve the issue. Today I'm told that the ticket has been closed because the back end didn't have enough information. I am furious. I've made the issue crystal clear for 4 weeks in a row to multiple people. No one has asked for further clarification because I've made the issue clear. I am told that I cannot speak directly to the back end. What idiocy! AT&T support is a joke. And yes, Verizon has confirmed all is working on their end. My girlfriend can text to any other carrier - T Mobile etc. Her text reach the inter-carrier gateway.




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a month ago

Hello @D_Rubin,

Oops! Seems like your comment got posted twice. Deleting one of your comments now.

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