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Thursday, December 24th, 2015 10:11 PM

So called "unlimited data" plan rate increase?

I cannot believe the unimitigated gall of AT&T.  I received a letter today extorting me into surrendering my unlimited data plan that has never been unlimited.  I hope the FCC nails you to the wall with fines for your immoral business practices.  We'll see how that court case is resolved.

How can you justify an increase in cost for a service for which you've charged me for several years yet never provided?  How can you sleep at night?

The TWO times we managed to use over 2GB of data in one month, AT&T choked the speed to the point that FaceTime calls regularly dropped.  This did wonders for our attempts to stay in touch with our grandchildren.  So much for helping your customers stay in touch.

Yeah, yeah, some company spokesperson (read: hired liar) will chime in with a bogus explanation about how it "really is unlimited" yet cannot resolve the fact that choking the speed IS limiting the data.

Let me help you understand, since the company cannot comprehend simple English.  Here is how Merriam-Webster defines UNLIMITED:

  • without any limits or restrictions

  • not limited in number or amount

  • lacking any controls : unrestricted<unlimited access>

If you choke the speed, you ARE limiting the data.

This is how a major company treats a customer who has always paid the bill on time and in full since 1983.


Precisely what are you charging an additional $5/month for anyway?  It clearly hasn't cost you any extra because you don't allow the data usage to approach even moderate, much less excessive, use.  When you choke the speed the data usage nearly ceases.

I think it's time to explore other wireless options.


Final clue for the hired liars that will chime in with the party line: If you limit the speed, you limit the data, hence making it a LIMITED data plan.  Now you want to extort more money for this service that you never have provided.

ACE - Professor


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5 years ago

@sdarca22 This fine was due to AT&T reducing speed without notifying customers of the reduced speed that signed up for unlimited data prior to 2011. Not the newer unlimited data plans. 




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