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Sat, Sep 3, 2016 2:21 PM

Smart limits: MMS Msgs

So I was comparing what is showing up on Smartlimits to what is on my ATT usage online & they didn't match up. So Smartlimits records if a text is sent but didn't record the MMS msgs which is what 98% of kids were sending. Of course I turned it off on her phone & 5 min later she turned it back on bc she noticed she couldn't get pics or movies from her friends. And having iMessage on or off doesn't seem to matter much bc MMS is what is sent most of the time. Why is it in the bill but you can't see it on Smartlimits


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4 years ago

Hello @TX1973!


I do apologize that the usage records on Smart Limits and myAT&T are not matching up! I will be happy to help!


At this time, Smart Limits only shows usage over the AT&T voice network. This includes text messages and calls. MMS messages travel over the data network. Smart Limits does not currently show usage for MMS messaging, Video share, or anything involving a third party network (hangouts, iMessage, etc.). Messages that are sent via iMessage or a third party app do not hit our network, therefore are not shown in usage.


For information on how to set restrictions and further information regarding this feature, check out our support article Set up and manage AT&T Smart Limits!


I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions and have a great day!


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist

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