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Sun, Apr 19, 2020 1:12 AM

Reporting spam texts to 7726

How does AT&T use the information when I forward an unwanted text message to 7726? I’ve probably forwarded over a 100 messages since the beginning of the year. Many of them containing the exact same text but coming from different phone numbers. Some coming from the same phone numbers, if I forget to block the contact the first time.

It seems like nothing is being done with the information and AT&T only provides the service, so it can have answer when some asks ”What can I do to block spam text messages?”


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9 months ago

Hello @Nacho_Libre,


We'd be more than happy to provide you with some more information on this. Forwarding these spam text messages to 7726 absolutely helps us to identify the offenders and block them. You can also fill out the requested information at this link to Report unwanted calls and texts. Hope this helps!


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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You did not answer my question on howw the information is being used. I see no results from reporting the spam text messages. I get messages with the same content or from the same phone number after reporting. I probably reported over 200 spam messages since the beginning of the year.

Does the STIR/SHAKEN protocols work for SMS messages? Where is AT&T at in the process in implementing the technology?




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6 months ago

7726 is useless. I forward 3-4 messages a day to it for the last 2 years and nothing changes, still more spam from the same people using the same first six digits.



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4 months ago

Until Sat, Sep 5, 7726 was working on my AT&T iPhone. Since Sat, Sep 5, though, I have not been getting the confirmation message asking me to send the sender’s phone number. Is the system down because of the wildfires (I’m in Calif.)? Or has the system changed?

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