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Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 1:51 PM

Question about E-Mailed Text messages

I receive pages for work via SMS. They are sent with the e-mail SMS feature


When I receive them, each has a different sender, so they don't consolidate into a single thread in my text message app.



#####00001 - Message #1

#####00002 - Message #2


Is there any way to consolidate these? So every message sent to me is sent from the same sender? Or some way to have a contact with a dynamic name or something?


I'm using an Android phone (HTC One M8).

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9 years ago


Hi @Valendr0s 


Not that I know of. Just to clarify, are they coming from different phone numbers or are they sent from an email address to your phone number? Is it possible to have them send you an actual email instead? Will that work?




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