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Fri, Jun 5, 2020 7:56 PM

Ported My Phone Number from Verizon & Can't Receive Text or Calls

My employer recently opted to switch our business wireless service to AT&T from Verizon. The ordering process was so easy. However, the porting process has been anything but easy! Went to an AT&T Retail Store. The employee was super nice & very patient. He started to set my new phone (Samsung S20 Ultra) up and he said all you need to do is power the phone down and then back on again and the phone will be ported. Easy enough right? Wrong!! A day later & about 25 phone calls later, my new phone is still not receiving phone calls or text messages. I can call out and I can send a text but whenever someone calls me their call goes straight to VM even though my phone is on. If someone sends me a text I don't have a clue because I never receive it. I can text them and they get it but I don't get any foreign texts including verification code texts. I spoke with Verizon several times who claimed that the port shows successful on their end and I've spoken to AT&T who say that the port is successful on their end. Somebody's lying and this is already becoming a bad experience with a new carrier. It's the 21st century - you would think this multi billion companies would know how to make this process painless!! I guess I have to carry around 2 phones until one or the other or both decide that my phone service is no longer up for ransom!!


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a month ago

Greetings @lechelle7,


Thanks for informing us on what transpired with your employer porting over to AT&T and the aftermath of your device once ported successful. We'd advised you to reach out to our Advanced Technical Support Team at 800.331.0500.


Jacob, AT&T Community Specialist

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