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Saturday, January 13th, 2024 2:07 AM

PlayStation portal not connecting with AT&T hotspot

I am unable to use my PlayStation portal on att hotspot service. I can connect via other services WiFi and hotspots. It is only att that does not allow my device to make a solid connection. I am certain there is some type of blocking either on purpose or not that is preventing my device from making a proper connection.

please do some research, att. Get a ps5 link it to a ps portal, then connect said ps portal to a hotspot and tell us what you did to make it work.

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3 months ago

Hi @Ciscor, we hear you, and let's get the information you require.


We'd recommend you to perform few basic troubleshooting steps outlined below:


a) Plaese configure through IP Passthrough mode. This will allow you to forward your AT&T Gateway's IP to your PlayStation by default.


Note: If you use IP Passthrough mode, you don't need to setup NAT/Gaming Port(s) unless you want to limit some ports from being sent to your PlayStation.

Additionally, we'd recommend that you factory reset your gateway, most of the time factory reset would be the simple solution.

Note: This will return all gateway settings to a default state.

Let us know if this information helps!

Thanks for visiting AT&T Community Forums.

KellyS, Community Forums Specialist.

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2 months ago

I’m having kind of the same issue. I have already set up port forwarding on my router. My portal connects though att 5g hotspot from my iPhone 15 pro. I’m getting 500-600 on my download speeds but connection is laggy and usually disconnects every 10-15 mins. When I use my friend Verizon hotspot it’s seemlees and works perfect like I am playing from console. Has to be att 5G. Almost seems like att is throttling. 

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3 days ago

I’m having the exact same problem when I connect my PlayStation Porto device into the AT&T hotspot. It only works for 10 minutes and then it disconnects me but when I connect to my Verizon hotspot, I can play for hours.

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3 days ago

Please, AT&T, can you guys stop throttling our hotspot when connected to the PlayStation portal device? We pay a lot of money and it’s kind of unfair that it works with every other company but yours.

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