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Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 8:22 AM

Plans on grandfathered lines.

I just finished live chat with agent and deeply disappointed.


I have 4 lines on my family plan, 3 of those lines are so called 'Grandfathered' lines


before the first generation iPhone.


2 of the lines has the bundle service with 200 texts just can add $5 dollar more, but just 1 line's list has no option like this, but '$20 of Unlimited texts'


I really don't need that much text, just around 100~150, which can purchase with $5 more like other lines.


So I tried to add the '$30 Unlimited family messaging' for all of my lines exist, guess what?


They refused and warned that will break my unlimited data status.


What kind of customer service treats the old grandfathered royal customers like this?


The agent offered me to give up the unlimited data status and change to Mobile Share plan.


I really felt bad. 


Someone in ATT headquaters should know why people change there carrier to T-mobile, which include 'real' unlimited plan.


Why I have to pay $20 instead of $5 to use around 100 texts per month?



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9 years ago

Well like you said you have a grandfather plan.  Therefore they don't offer the plan that you have now.  So what they do offer is to the plans that they have now.  It is kind of hard for them to add something that isn't in their system.  That is what happens when you want to keep an old plan.  Sometimes you cannot modify it.  I know when I put my dad onto my plan he had a plan from the 90's.  In the end it was cheaper to add him to my shared plan than for him to stay on his old plan.  Might be the same for you.  Might be cheaper for you to move over to a shared plan than to stay on your current "grandfathered" plan.

ACE - Expert


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9 years ago

Something does not sound right. If you have a Family Talk plan, you should be able to add the family text option without impacting any data plan. On the old Family Talk plans, data and text were separate options. I suggest you try to make the change online.



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9 years ago

Worry no more my friend.


T-Mobile will carry over unsused date usage with unlimited phone calls and text messages for a very reasonable or cheap monthly charge.  Their 2015 programs include coverage expansion.


Sprint will split in half whatever is at&t and Verizon is charging you now.


Unfortunately, I just upgraded with at&t.  As soon as I may be able to move to another carrier, I will definitely do so as at&t is not respecting the deal the customer service rep promised me over the phone.


Good luck.

ACE - Sage


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9 years ago

Sandblaster has a good suggestion, worth trying.

If you keep the plan on principal, no need to read further. Otherwise....

It might be time to evaluate how each of you use the phones and service. If you all regularly exceed 2gb of data, then sticking with the current plan may be best. If your calling or texting plans are limited, and don't work for you, then newer plans are a better option.

I'm just guessing, but the old plan would be costing you about $180 a month. If you want a new phone, you may have to pay full retail. You would not have the use of a hot spot feature on your phones unless you are paying for an additional feature.
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