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Sunday, September 19th, 2021 6:42 PM

My mobile data stops working completely when I step inside my home.

Up until recently, me and another inhabitant in my household actively used mobile data within our home with no issues. Recently, our data doesn't work at all when we're inside. I'm not sure what caused this change unless AT&T has been doing something with their cell towers, but now I can't access anything using cellular data in my house. 

I ran two different speed tests and one completely fails to connect inside, and the other shows very poor results. Both of them work perfectly when I so much as step onto my porch. I've been using AT&T for roughly four years now in this house, and there have been no recent modifications to it so I can't believe it would be the building materials. I couldn't find anyone else with this specific problem, so I apologize in advance if this has been asked. I live in a rural area where cell service can be rough, but it's typically reliable.  

Another thing to note is that phone calls work just fine. Voice quality is great, and there are no distortions when speaking to someone. Whether it matters or not, I have an iPhone 8 and I'm using 4G LTE. 

I suppose my question lies somewhere between what's causing this issue, and is there a way to fix it? I refuse to buy a cell signal booster since they're so expensive plus I never used to have this problem and nothing has changed on my end.

I made this account just to ask this question, so I'm new to asking for help on any forum. If additional details are required, let me know and I'll provide them if it means getting this mess straightened out.

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3 years ago

Let's address your cellular data connection on your iPhone 8 @!


Please power cycle your device and reinsert your SIM card to reset your device. Also Reset your Network Settings, go to Settings > General > Reset> Reset Network Settings. This refreshes your network. Make sure your Device Software Is Updated to the latest version, this will help with resetting your device and connection. Enough space, a Wi-Fi connection and at least 80% battery is required for the update.


Disable any mobile hotspot connection if connected, clear your browser cache by going to your browser settings. We also recommend avoiding any dead zones which may unfortunately be in the house, please connect to available Wi-Fi and use available Wi-Fi calling to stay connected in areas of low /no signal. Here is also our helpful Troubleshoot And Resolve Tool > Fix An Issue > Connection/ Service & apps > Call & data quality/ Internet to help fix your cellular connection. 


We hope this helps! Reach back to us if you have additional questions!


Rhoda, AT&T Community Specialist 

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2 months ago

There's no way that answer helped. I'd probably be twice as frustrated about it since they just said "..nothing has changed on my end". So how could it be their phone settings, sim card, or even dead zones since those are all things on their end? By the way, mentioning dead zones is an insult to someone's intelligence. It's extremely obvious( and the very 1st thing we all check) when you get 4-5 bars then as you walk through the house, it suddenly drops to zero bars. I've personally gotten this response 20 times too many, so I felt this was an issue worth addressing 

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