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Thursday, May 16th, 2024 8:07 AM

Monthly plan - no network in Thailand, but in Germany

Hello, I have a monthly plan and am often in Germany and Thailand. While my cell phone in Germany always logs into a network immediately and I can then receive text messages, in Thailand it cannot find a network. What do i have to do? And one more thing: Receiving text messages is free of charge abroad, correct?

Thank you!

ACE - Sage


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1 month ago

All of AT&T plans are monthly plans. That does not tell us much.  Prepaid plans Do not connect (select) another countries without paying for the $35 add-on.


Receiving a text messages free, but connecting to a foreign network and using data is $2.05 per megabyte.  You don't have international day pass, or at least turn your data off, You could rack up thousands of dollars in international roaming charges. 

If you're in another country, you are using their network. Your phone has to have service bands which are compatible with that network.  You did not say what phone you are using but most bargain Android phones have bands for North America and South America, but lack the common bands used for service in other parts of the world.  

You can try power cycling your phone. But AT&T can't do anything to make your phone work in a foreign country. It's entirely between the phone that you purchased, and the local network which may or may not be as robust as networks in Germany or the United States.  My nephew went to Thailand two years ago and didn't have great phone service.  

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1 month ago

Many thanks for the answer.

Since I can receive text messages in Germany, I probably have a postpaid plan. When I go into my AT&T account, I also see that I can receive unlimited text messages in 200+ countries. So that would be resolved.

My phone is an iPhone 14 Pro Max, so that shouldn't be the issue. I've already turned it off and on again. Without success. I have a second iPhone 14 Pro Max that works perfectly in Thailand with a German and Thai SIM.

The Thai networks are among the best in the world. Here I still have 4 bars of 5G on the flat land, standing in the middle of the rice field. With each of the three major providers.

I read somewhere that AT&T has entered into a cooperation with one of the Thai providers to provide business customer services. Which provider is this? Maybe it would help to connect manually?

Thank you again.

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29 days ago

Can't anyone help? My phone simply won't connect to any network in Thailand when I have the AT&T SIM installed. Everything works with a German SIM and with a Thai SIM anyway. Isn't there also the option of receiving text messages via WiFi? How does this work?

Thanks, Ch.

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29 days ago

Hello @Chulalongkorn, we hear you and undertsand the importance of uninterrupted network while roaming.

The Community Forums are a public support option where other users, and AT&T, will try and assist with high level support needs.   This means we won’t be able to look into account specific concerns.  To get the help you need for your unique issue, please review our
Contact Us page (https://www.att.com/support/contact-us/), and choose the best option to reach out to us.  You can call, chat, or reach out via social media and we can review your specific issue and provide you support.  If you feel your issue isn’t account specific, and can be answered generally, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for contacting AT&T Community & Forums,

Ken, AT&T Community Specialist


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