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Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 7:37 PM

Mobile Share Value 2GB when travelling to Canada



Soon, I'll be travelling to Canada for a week. I have a dual-sim (Microsoft Lumia 950XL) phone.


While in Canada, I would like to continue to text and make/receive calls on my US phone number. Additionally, I would like access to cellular data while in Canada.


I read:



and it says:


For voice, data and messaging options in Mexico and Canada for customers who do not have an AT&T Unlimited, Mobile Share or Mobile Share Value plan, view AT&T Passport feature options.



However, I cannot find anything on the page that's specific for people with Mobile Share Value plans (with less than 15GB of data).


If I log into my account and select "I want to..." and then "Manage my plan" and then "View International Options" and then "Travel Outside the U.S." I'm brought to a window that is titled "Mexico Travel". Is Mexico the only place for travel outside the U.S.?


I viewed the AT&T Passport feature options even if I wasn't supposed to. They appear to discount rates for talk, text and data when travelling outside the U.S. with an initial outlay of $30, $60 or $120.


I'm very new to AT&T. My old cellular network gives me the option of charging $2/day when I'm in Canada to make my current US plan limits portable to Canada.


I looked at the phone settings I have for SIMs, and I have a "Use this SIM for cellular data", as well as selecting data roaming options of "don't roam", "roam" for each SIM.


The overarching question is: what should someone in my situation do? I think this breaks down into the following sub-questions:


1. Does my Mobile Share Value 2GB plan include ANYTHING Canada-specific (ie, talk, text, data)

2. Is a Mobile Share Value Plan with 2GB eligible for AT&T Passport?

3. Is AT&T Passport the only option (besides exorbinant "pay as you go $2/MB)?

4. Can I get a second SIM with a data package from a Canadian cellular provider?

5. If I get a second SIM, and I set the AT&T SIM to not access data while roaming, what would I pay for talk & text (expecting 15 minutes talk, and 30 text msgs).



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8 years ago

Hi there! @RMDEQ6 thanks for posting your questions.


Our currently available Mobile Share Value plans of 15GB or higher, and the AT&T Unlimited Plan, include Unlimited Talk & Text from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico.


So you do not get billed pay per use rates in Canada, we recommend adding the AT&T Passport plan which will discount your usage while there.


You can be on any plan and add the Passport plan. At this time, that is the available international usage plan we offer. More information can be found by clicking here


Unfortunately we do not offer just data services on cellphones, nor support dual SIM usage on the same cellular number.


If you need assistance adding the passport plan, please private message me by clicking here and provide your name and a good contact number. We will reach out to you to help get this resolved.








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8 years ago

Thanks Kevin!


The link that you sent takes me to World Connect Value, ie the countries I can call using international long distance with my AT&T service when I'm home. It's not a link about roaming while within other countries, but I was able to use the nav tree and "International Plans" to get to that, and today the links are taking me to choices other than simply "Mexico". I can also see the PPU rates, which helps answer my Question #5.


Does someone with Mobile Share Value 15GB still have to get Passport to avoid PPU on data?


Otherwise, turning off AT&T data roaming and using PPU for talk and text seem like it could be the way to go in my particular situation. (unless I send at least 24 of my 30 text's as MMS, which is possible but unlikely)


I also understand #4 is not really a question you (ie, AT&T) can answer. I was asking about dual SIM usage, not dual SIM usage on the same cellular number. So, I'll continue my research on that.




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