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Wed, Jul 18, 2012 6:26 PM

Mobile Share Questions

Here's my list of "inFAQs"!


1.  I understand that you can have groups on one account under the Mobile Share plan.  Does this mean that I can have five lines on one account in the following scenario?


A. Line 1-Smartphone, individual Nation450 plan, no text messaging, grandfathered unlimited data

B. Lines 2-5 - 2 Smartphones and 2 Basic phones, Mobile Share with 4GB data


2.  Will each line on a Mobile Share plan still have it's own contract end and upgrade dates?


3.  How will FAN discounts be applied to the Mobile Share plan?




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9 y前

@guitargain wrote:

Kinda late to the party.  I have had the regular mobile share plan for 2 months now with 6 gigs of data.  I have a 17% FAN discount that only applies to the data part which with my current plan is $80.  I get 17% off the 80 but no discount on the two phones I have at $40 per phone per month.  I am switching to the mobile share value plan at the end of this billing cycle and and obviously going up to the 10 gig plan which is $100, and i will get 17% off the $100 but no discount on the two phone charges of $15 each.  I talked to two different customer service reps and they both confirmed this so we will see, but I believe it will be exactly as they said because that's exactly what happened for the first two months on the mobile share plan I currently have.


I also don't think all FAN discounts are the same becuase when I had the family share plan for years, I used to get 17% off the main charge and for my phone, and the wife's phone got no discount, and then a year or so ago that changed and there was no discount on the phone charges.

the discount applied only to the data portion of the plan not the device charges, also read the dsclaimer on the plan again, if you are under contract for the devices I don;t believe you will get the 15.00 charges for them




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9 y前

I believe i stated that it only applies to the data portion and not the per phone charge.  I already have switched to it.  There is conflicting info and I guess we will have to see what happens when I get my first bill.  when i talked to customer service they told me that I was eligible for the value plan, and as I have stated as long as I don't upgrade using a subsidy I AM in fact going to pay $15 per phone.  There is info floating around (at&t facebook and other places) that says if you entered your two year contract beforre Feb. 2, 2014 you are eligible for the value plan, you will just lose the $25 dollar savings if you upgrade with a subsidy.


The CSR quoted me $113 and change before taxes and fees because my total plan will be $100 for data bucket +$15 for two phones, less the 17% fan on the $100


And a couple of years ago the 17% did apply to the first phone because the math said it did, we lost that a while back on the family share plan that i used to have. And if I am not mistaken they sent a note on the bill when we lost it notifying me that it would no longer apply to the phones anymore.




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9 y前

@wingrider01 wrote:
the discount applied only to the data portion of the plan not the device charges, also read the dsclaimer on the plan again, if you are under contract for the devices I don;t believe you will get the 15.00 charges for them

If you have the 10GB or higher Mobile Share plan prior to February 2, 2014, you can call AT&T to have them switch you over to the new pricing, even if you are under contract.  What happens is that you are still charged $40/line per month, but you also get a $25 credit for each line per month.  It's all in the FAQ on their website here: ( ).  You get the credit until you start a new contract.  So basically, if you never upgrade your phone, you will get the lower prices for life.  Or if you buy your next phone unsubsidized, you will get the lower prices for life.  You only lose the $25 credit per line if you get your next phone unsubsidized and renew your contract.



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8 y前

I switched over to the new mobile share value plan at 10GB shared data.  I have 3 lines on my account and will save about $55 a month over what I was paying.  I selected to have my plan change and become effective on my next billing cycle, in hopes of avoiding a mixed month bill and prorating.  Unfortunately something went wrong in the billing and I was prorated for 1 day.  My bill was supposed to go down but ended up going up by over $40 what it was supposed to be.  I contacted customer service and they seemed ill-prepared to handle these plan changes.  Apparently this new value plan offer is temporary, and the promotion ends shortly.  So it doesn't have its own line items for the billing cycle.  They still bill you the old plans, but give you a line item credit per line for your device access fees and a general credit for the plan price difference.  Seems like a silly way to handle this to me.  Kind of forced and put out too fast.  Ultimately I got a statement credit to fix the issues and my next bill should be better, but what a mess, and not because of anything I did.  

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