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Tue, Jun 26, 2018 5:24 PM

Mass text sending as individual texts

I am using a work phone, we are all on the  AT&T network. We all have android phones, 2 different galaxy phones and a Nokia 6.1. I have the Nokia. Every time I respond to or send a text in the group text or mass text as it says on my screen, it sends it to each individual ...

Screen says:

"Mass text- each recipient will get an SMS message from you"

"Replies will appear in individual conversations"


and in the text box-"Send individual text messages SMS"



 I have looked in settings and there is no toggle regarding group texts, only notifications which is not a problem, permissions, storage, data usage, battery, open by default, SMS app (which says yes)


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2 years ago

Hello @margoseefeld,

Thank you for posting this on the Community Forums! I understand how concerning it is if you are not receiving messages. I would like to help!

There are a few things we can try:

1.    Make sure nothing changed with your SMS/MMS settings; click Settings -> Messages... make sure Send As SMS is ON, MMS Messaging is ON, and Group Messaging is ON

2.    Delete your current Message threads on YOUR PHONE and have the members of the group delete their message threads as well... try sending your messages again.

3.    Our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool will be a great way to troubleshoot your device. Once there please choose your Make & Model >Messages and it will take you through a step by step guide on how to resolve

Also, our Forums Thread here on Can’t send or receive text (MMS) messages or picture attachments will have more troubleshooting steps to utilize.

Please let me know how it goes!

Linda, AT&T Community Specialist

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