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Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 3:46 PM

How much longer till RCS (Universal Profile) messaging is supported?

I have never experienced other carriers firsthand, but ATT is really disappointing me in how RCS is still not supported. Companies from Samsung to Google to Verizon have all pledged support for it and are bringing it on their phones. I would like to know the timeframe for when RCS is pushed out to ATT phones.



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5 years ago

Those other companies you speak of have rolled it out to this phone or that phone.  They don't have it on all of their phones.  Tmobile is finally rolling it out to a few more phones with pie updates.  ATT has been hush hush on it for some reason.



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5 years ago

This is extremely frustrating AT&T has been the only company that has not said anything regarding RCS.

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