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Sunday, February 5th, 2023 1:25 AM


I am over my minutes on the data for the hotspot.  I would like to add more data for I still have 2 days before my billing cycle.  I need my internet so I thought I could just add 10 g to my plane to make sure I get through the weekend.  I can not find were I can do that at.

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10 months ago

What plan do you have? If you have an unlimited data plan with a set amount of hotspot data, you can’t add more hotspot data.

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10 months ago

Hello, @wendybear33. Thank you for reaching out to us about adding hotspot data to your plan.



Thank you @sandblaster for you accurate and quick response. 



As our ACE accurately stated, the Unlimited Data Plans with a set amount of hotspot data, can not have extra data added to them. 



If you have a plan that isn't an Unlimited Plan with a set amount of hotspot data, then please let us know what plan you have, and we can help!



TT, AT&T Community Specialist


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