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Thursday, May 17th, 2018 10:25 PM

Hotspot Excessive Data??

I have an ATT unlimited data hotspot. I live in a rural area and I only have two choices for internet services - ATT hotspot OR HughesNet Satellite services. Right now, my hotspot is pulling between 300-400 gigs of data a month. I work from home, so we run two laptops, two cell phones and one tv (streaming DirecTV, Hulu, Netflix, etc with a fire stick). We are heavy laptop users but this just seems like ALOT. 


Here's the problem. After 22 gigs (basically the first three days!), we slow down to upload speeds of 1-3mbps, download speeds of less than 1. SO, by the end of the month we are virtually completely down on transmission speed. It's worse than dial-up sometimes. I checked ATT - I can't get DSL or a larger high speed plan. 


Hughes Net is giving me some song and dance about data amounts being excessive because it's "bouncing off towers" and telling me that I probably only use about 75 gigs actual - that I should go with their small business plan. I'm just not sure if they are telling me the truth or just trying to sell me. Logic tells me that the data I download, is the data I download. What difference would the number of towers/bounces/etc. would it make? 


So frustrated that I can't get decent speeds. Cable providers do not service here and have indicated they never will.... 

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6 years ago

Hi there @Navymanswife,

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. I understand how important it is to know the plans and options for your hotspot plan.

I would like to present you with our eSupport article for Data plans for tablets and other devices. This will break down the plans you can choose from if you are in need of more Hotspot on your account.

This eSupport here will have more information on Known activities with high data usage. Additionally it will have the breakdown of your usage on your account and how to locate where the most usage is coming from.

You can check availability for Fiber in your area through this link here.

Hope this was informative!

Linda, AT&T Community Specialist

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