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Thursday, August 12th, 2021 2:48 PM

Excessive spam e-mails and texts - new phone

We just got a new phone for our daughter (who is a minor).  Within the first three days of owning the phone, she has received repeated texts and phone calls from various spam providers - including obvious scams and pornography.  We have other wireless phones (including an AT&T phone) without this issue.  How do we stop this, as it seems to be related to the phone number?  It's new - we are willing to register for a different number, if it will help.

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2 years ago

Most likely her number was recycled and whoever had it before was not "selective" or security minded. I would recommend you change her number, get an unused one.  But you have to call AT&T to do that, and then put some spam blocker and other security to prevent garbage from coming in.

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