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Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 2:40 AM

Customer for 19 years. Very Unhappy After Having Data Throttled.

I got a text message from AT&T today which said that I was getting close to using 5 GB of data for the month, and my unlimited plan will be throttled.   I called to ask about it, and apparently I have used 5 GB of data this month.   My monthly plan starts over on November 5. 
I got the rep to look back at my past usage, and I average 2GB or less every month.  I am thinking that possibly they have made a mistake.  I have not changed any routine this past month.  I asked the rep with AT&T wireless how long I had been a customer with the unlimited voice and data package, and I was told that I have had the same plan since 1995.   That is pretty darn close to 20 years. I have had automatic draft from my checking account every month, and have consistently paid my bill on time . 
My data rate on my phone has slowed significantly since this morning.  
I probably should not let this bother me so much, but it really does.  I feel like AT&T does not value me as a customer. 




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10 years ago

@NoToThrottling wrote:
I probably should not let this bother me so much, but it really does.  I feel like AT&T does not value me as a customer. 


So because you have been a customer for nearly 20 years, AT&T should stop enfocring data usage rules which have been in place for nearly 4 years, just because they are inconvienient for you?  It doesn't feel to me like you value AT&T much as a provider if you don't care if they inforce the rules for others but think they should make an exception for you just because it's inconvienient for you.


AT&T started throttling users back around 2010, shortly after they stopped offering the unlimited data plan to customers who didn't already have it.  Their research showed that the top 5% of users with unlimited data plans were using over 50% of the bandwidth that was consumed at that time.  For this reason, they started throttling the top 5%.  Because users couldn't tell if they were going to be throttled or not until it happened, there was a huge outcry so AT&T implemented the 3GB for 3G and even upped that to 5GB for LTE devices for the data cap where throttling would occur.  Now everyone would know how close they were to getting throttled by looking at their current usage without needing to know if they were in the top 5% or not.  This practice has been in place since late 2010 or early 2011.


If AT&T didn't value you as a customer, they would have forced you off the old unlimited data plan 4 years ago when they stopped offering it for new devices/accounts.  Instead, they have allowed you to keep your old rate plan rather than force you onto one of the then current plans and you feel that they don't value you.



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10 years ago

They do not value you, me or anyone on their unlimited plans. It is a shame.
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